Robyn H

I have been enjoying my skype lessons with Xuan Vi- she has a very  friendly manner and is patient with total beginners to the Vietnamese language. Her gentle encouragement combined with prompt written and audio resources have helped me pick up some basic verbal skills in a short amount of time. Ready for my holiday in Vietnam.  Thanks for the crash course and daily grind, I believe it has paid off!!  Thank you.

Nicholas W

Xuan Vi's lessons are just amazing.  Her attention to detail is beyond anything imaginable. She organises everything sending out all the worksheets, setting up homework and following up on it as well as delivering her lessons week in week out without missing a beat.  She has many interesting stories to tell and tidbits to share that make every week's session worth looking forward to.

Jon Best

I am a business professional with 35 years working in international trade. I hold an Economics degree from Sydney University and have travelled in Asia over many years. When I decided to learn Vietnamese as a personal interest I had the good fortune to commence lessons with Nguyen Thanh Xuan Vi. Xuan Vi is an experienced teacher - organised, well-prepared and totally professional. Most apparent though is her passion and commitment as an educator. Her lessons are tailored to her student’s knowledge and abilities and her qualifications and capacities ensure she is able to provide instruction to any level required. My progress has far exceeded my expectations as a result of her approach and I so can thoroughly recommend Xuan Vi to any prospective student of the Vietnamese language.

Pete Lathrope

Nguyen Thanh Xuan Vi's Vietnamese language lessons are very well thought out. Her lessons are quite unique and customised. She personalized my lessons, which contain material that is related to me and she always asked for continual feed back to make sure I was getting what I wanted to achieve. I have found her calm and methodical approach very professional and she is always happy to revisit any difficulties I am having with grammar or pronunciation from previous lessons before moving to new material. Nguyen Thanh Xuan Vi has made my lessons interesting and interactive which has taken the stress out of learning a new language.

Michael de Valle

When my family and I returned to Melbourne from our first trip to Vietnam in January 2016, we were already making plans for a second – and third – visit to this amazing country. But first, I was keen to find a teacher that would enable me to continue to build on the basic survival traveller’s Vietnamese I’d already learned so that I could become more fluent and confident. How lucky I was to find Nguyễn Thanh Xuân Vi. As a highly experienced, professional, friendly, patient, encouraging and organized language teacher of adults, Xuân Vi has proved to be the perfect teacher for me. Xuân Vi lives in both here and in Da Nang and understands the cultural perspectives and references of both countries. From the first lesson, Xuân Vi was keen to tailor my lessons to my specific needs and goals, building on what I’d already learnt. Xuân Vi’s one hour Skype lessons are excellent value and fun and are designed to both challenge and build confidence in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The lesson materials are well prepared and easy to follow and integrate all aspects of grammar and pronunciation, with particular emphasis on revising and addressing any particular aspects I’m having difficulty with as they arise. I highly recommend Nguyễn Thanh Xuân Vi to any prospective student of Vietnamese. Michael de Valle

Samantha R

“I first began learning Vietnamese with Xuan Vi to complement my undergraduate Vietnamese classes and found in months that her method accelerated my fluency better than spending years at university. She lets her students guide the curriculum, which has allowed me to learn the language as it specifically relates to my work in the criminal justice system; something that has hugely benefited my career. The best part of learning with Xuan Vi was my recent opportunity to travel to Vietnam to experience "Vietnamese hospitality”, a holiday program she organized where my husband and I were fully immersed in the language and culture, allowing us to meet new people and see a side of Vietnam we wouldn’t normally be able to experience as tourists coming through the front door. I highly recommend Xuan Vi for anyone looking to take their Vietnamese to the next level!”

Social Worker


William T

I have been taking classes with Nguyen Thanh Xuan Vi for over two and a half years now. I remember when I started with her, I had been studying on my own but progress was slow. When it came to expressing myself in the past, I had a lot of trouble. Now, I watch HTV, VTV, random videos on YouTube, and many other forms of media in Vietnamese. Not only do I understand what is being said but I can even tell by the accent which province or region the speaker might be from. My knowledge of more advanced structures has increased exponentially. When I take a trip to Vietnam or speak at home to Vietnamese Refugees in Australia, I have no fear whatsoever asking people for directions, asking a seller at the market which cut of meat is the best for a recipe, asking which is the best fish or vegetables as well as bargaining at the market, or even just joking around with the bar or restaurant staff when I'm having a few drinks with the locals.

English teacher, Working in Dong Nai Province VN

Carissa M

I think my teacher’s greatest asset is her patience. With the help of her clear enunciation and tireless repetition of words and their meanings, my vocabulary and ability to hold a conversation grows at each of our lessons. Her good sense of humor makes our conversations, even with my beginner’s vocabulary, great fun. Moreover, the studio at her house is a wonderful setting in which to learn. In its quiet and looking onto a lovely kitchen vegetable garden, the private space allows me to confidently practice my Vietnamese.

Kym Thomas

You can see from Xuan Vi’s many testimonials how much of a knowledgeable and professional teacher she is, so I might use this to touch on something else. I’m a small business owner with little spare time but have become motivated to learn Vietnamese by my wife’s parents who are originally from Saigon. I initially thought to attend beginner night classes run by my local college but found in the past when learning Spanish that I would get little out of the 3hrs classes due to the large group environment.

I’m so happy I found Xuan Vi, who offered me tailored one-on-one classes using audio/video link via my computer. The benefits of this are:

-     You learn at your pace, not a group’s.

-     You learn vocabulary that’s relevant to you, not what happens to be in a set course,

-     You can ask all the dumb questions you’re normally too scared to ask - so you really understand something before moving on to new content,

-     Your class can be at a time that’s convenient for you and in the comfort of your own home,

-     You can have your class anywhere (e.g. on holiday or at work) as long have you have a computer with internet.

If you’re looking to learn Vietnamese, at any level, I strongly recommend you get in contact with Xuan Vi. – Kym Thomas