You can see from Xuan Vi’s many testimonials how much of a knowledgeable and professional teacher she is, so I might use this to touch on something else. I’m a small business owner with little spare time but have become motivated to learn Vietnamese by my wife’s parents who are originally from Saigon. I initially thought to attend beginner night classes run by my local college but found in the past when learning Spanish that I would get little out of the 3hrs classes due to the large group environment. I’m so happy I found Xuan Vi, who offered me tailored one-on-one classes using audio/video link via my computer. The benefits of this are:

-     You learn at your pace, not a group’s.

-     You learn vocabulary that’s relevant to you, not what happens to be in a set course,

-     You can ask all the dumb questions you’re normally too scared to ask - so you really understand something before moving on to new content,

-     Your class can be at a time that’s convenient for you and in the comfort of your own home,

-     You can have your class anywhere (e.g. on holiday or at work) as long have you have a computer with internet. If you’re looking to learn Vietnamese, at any level,

I strongly recommend you get in contact with Xuan Vi - Kym Thomas

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