William T

I have been taking classes with Nguyen Thanh Xuan Vi for over two and a half years now. I remember when I started with her, I had been studying on my own but progress was slow. When it came to expressing myself in the past, I had a lot of trouble. Now, I watch HTV, VTV, random videos on YouTube, and many other forms of media in Vietnamese. Not only do I understand what is being said but I can even tell by the accent which province or region the speaker might be from. My knowledge of more advanced structures has increased exponentially. When I take a trip to Vietnam or speak at home to Vietnamese Refugees in Australia, I have no fear whatsoever asking people for directions, asking a seller at the market which cut of meat is the best for a recipe, asking which is the best fish or vegetables as well as bargaining at the market, or even just joking around with the bar or restaurant staff when I'm having a few drinks with the locals.

English teacher, Working in Dong Nai Province VN